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What to do when your license plate is stolen and
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Photo Gallery

lock-um Plate Installation

Lock-Um Plate Install

With Locks Showing

Bolt Head

Close-up of bolt head recessed underneath lock

Lock-um with caps

With Lock-Um weather guard caps over lock

The frame comes with all of the hardware you will need. It easily mounts to your car. The cost is very reasonable.



Plate Keeper Installation

If you use the Plate Keeper bolts you can see how someone with vice gripe pliers can remove the bolt. This is why I used the Lock-um frame on this car. The bolt heads are installed under the locking mechanisms.

Lick Keeper Bolts

(Plate tag numbers removed)

Bolt Example


I was able to use vice grips on the bolt head to turn it out. I use the plate frame on one car and the Plate Keeper bolts on the other. They both provide a good degree of security and if a thief can't quickly remove a plate they will go to the next car in the lot. Of the two options this is the less expensive one.