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What to do when your license plate is stolen and
how to prevent this from happening again.



License plate security is an issue for anyone whether or not you are home or away. It is at the very least inconvenient and at the other end of the spectrum you could be a suspect in a major crime if not reported timely. In effect, your identity has been stolen. Anyone who takes your plate and either steals a car or is involved with other criminal activity puts you and your family at risk. We do not sell any products on this site and have no interest in any company we mention here. I have personally purchased and used the three license plate security products listed below and know they provide the security I need while home and away. Our intent is to inform visitors of the risks and help them take proactive measures to protect their personal identity and license plates.

Prevention (Ways to protect your license plate)



Lock-um License Plate Security



Jimmy Jammer Plate Bolt Set


Stainless Steel Plate Screws


I used all three of the above units. See pictures. The plate keeper bolts are unique and would be difficult to remove without the special tool except for vise gripes or pliers which could grab on to the head and then twist out the bolt. Most who are stealing plates would probably not have anything other than a screw driver. However, I use Plate Keeper bolts with the lockable frame for double security and protection.